* SCAS does not endorse or promote any of the resources posted below. These resources are for your information only.


SCAS Resource List

The document below (SCAS Resource List) is a list of resources for those seeking general or contact information about elder care including home care, financial assistance, dementia information and other elder supports in Alberta. This 17-page document can be printed off for you convenience, but all the information in the document is also listed below in alphabetical order.

SCAS Resource List

Accessing Medical records

If you require assistance or have questions regarding making an access request for your Alberta Netcare records, or any other health information related questions, please contact the HIA Help Desk by calling 310-0000 (toll free) then 780-427-8089 or by emailing HIAHelpDesk@gov.ab.ca.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy. http://www.servicealberta.ca/foip/

Accommodation standards

If you have concerns about accommodations or services you or someone else is receiving, you should first bring these concerns to the local manager. Contact the case manager for home care, or the manager of the accommodation for supportive living and long-term care, who oversees the delivery of those services.

For concerns or questions regarding accommodation standards- contact continuing care call or fax toll-free within Alberta, first dial 310-0000 and then the 10-digit number.

Complaints about supportive living and long-term care accommodations:

● Telephone: toll-free 1-888-357-9339
● Complaints about a guardian, trustee, co-decision maker or agent named in a personal directive

For concerns, questions or to make a complaint, contact the Office of the Public Guardian. Call the Information and Reporting Line 1-888-357-9339.

Another option is to bring your question, concern, or recommendation to the Resident and Family Council at the supportive living or long-term care accommodation.

You may also make a specific complaint related to a continuing care accommodation or service.


P E O L C – Palliative End of Life Care
L E A P – Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care
ACP GCD – Advanced Care Planning – Goals of Care Designations
LTC – Long Term Care
CMOH – Chief Medical Officer of Health
RAAPID – Referral, Access, Advice Placement Information and Destination (An AHS call center that serves as a single point of contact for care providers which facilitates the return of patients to a Health Care facility closest to their home address that will best meet the patient’s health care needs. – To coordinate patient flow through the repatriation process and seamlessly enable physicians to access a higher level of care for patients).
EMS PEOLC ATR – Emergency Medical Services Palliative End of Life Care – Access, Treatment and Referral
S P T – Specialized Tx Protocol
TX – Treatment
FOM – Friends of Medicare

Advocacy Misc. Resources

Mental Health Advocate for Alberta     https://www.mhpa.ab.ca

780.422.1812 outside Edmonton Toll-Free at 310.0000


Excellent Care, Decency, and Optimal Living (ECDOL)

ECDOL aims to provide detailed information on assisted living and other senior care options to help individuals make an informed decision. They provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), as well as tips and insightful articles. The use of this website is free.

Click the link below to get to their website.



Alberta Retired Teachers Association

The Alberta Retired Teachers Association has an affiliation with Advocacy.

Website:  Alberta Retired Teachers Advocacy

Alberta Ombudsman


The Alberta Ombudsman works to ensure fair treatment through independent investigations, recommendations, and education for all Albertans. We listen to your complaint and investigate decisions made by organizations and authorities identified in the Ombudsman Act.

Age Friendly Calgary

We offer a number of programs, services, and initiatives that support Seniors in Calgary. Here you can find information on these programs, as well as detailed content about housing, safety, and our Age-friendly businesses.


All About Me Documentation


Alzheimer Society of  Alberta and North West Territories

For caregivers seeking information and support or for someone newly  diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, find a wealth of information, caregiver support groups and more.

Call toll free 1-866-950-5465

Website:  Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories

Alzheimer Society of Calgary – Support and Information

The social work team provides information, support and a listening ear for those caring for a person with dementia.

Phone: 403-290-0110
Email: findsupport@alzheimercalgary.ca
Mailing address:

800 – 7015 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H 2K6

YYC Facebook Dementia Support Group

The YYC Dementia Support Group has been created to provide extra resources and tips for caregivers and people living with dementia during this time. It is moderated by the Alzheimer Society of Calgary as well as Dementia Network Calgary.


Respite for Caregivers: Day Program for people with dementia

(currently not operating due to Covid)

Consider it your time away from caregiving responsibilities and a day of fun and belonging, for the person you care about.

Website: https://www.alzheimercalgary.ca/find-support/caring-for-someone-with-dementia/respite-for-caregivers

Calgary Counselling Centre

The Calgary Counselling Centre changes lives. For more than 57 years, we’ve been helping people develop the skills they need to thrive. We are a leader in counselling, training the next generation of counsellors, and researching counselling best practices. We diligently advocate for mental health policy in the community.

Website: https://calgarycounselling.com/
Phone: 403-265-4980
Email: contactus@calgarycounselling.com
Address: Suite 1000, 105 12 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 1A1

Calgary Elder Abuse Resource Line

Located in the Kerby Centre, make a report, or get information.

Website: https://www.alberta.ca/get-help-elder-abuse.aspx
Phone: 403-705-3250

Calgary Senior Resource Society

Calgary Seniors Resource Society is committed to keeping our clients, volunteers, and staff safe and healthy. We care deeply about the well-being of our people, and we are ensuring those who need help get it quickly and effectively.

Website: https://www.calgaryseniors.org

Caregivers Alberta, Caring for Caregivers (Edmonton)

Do you assist a family member or friend with challenges resulting from illness, disability, or aging? We are here for you. As an organization of caregivers for caregivers, we understand how hard providing care can be. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to, trying to find resources, or want to better manage the stress of providing care—we can help.

Website: http://www.caregiversalberta.ca/
Phone: 780-453-5088
Toll-Free: 1-877-453-5088
Email: office@caregiversalberta.ca
Address: Jerry Forbes Centre, 12122 68 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 1R1

Continuing Care

Learn how to access the continuing care supports you need, and about the assessment needed.

Website: https://www.alberta.ca/how-to-access-continuing-care.aspx

Complaints About Accommodations

If your concern or complaint is still unresolved, contact us about:

● accommodation standards not being followed
● non-compliances to the Resident and Family Councils Act (RFCA)
● unlicensed supportive living settings providing accommodation and support services for 4 or more adults

Complaint officers are available:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Toll free: 1-888-357-9339 (in Alberta)
Fax: 780-644-8729
Address: Alberta Health
Attn: Compliance and Monitoring Branch P.O. Box 1360, Station Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N3

Complaints About Health Services

If you feel your concerns about health care services are not addressed to your satisfaction, or if you are unsure of how to contact the relevant case manager or facility administration, contact Alberta Health Services’ patient relations department.


You can contact the Patient Relations Department by:

● phone: 1-855-550-2555
● fax: 1-877-871-4340 or
● mail:
c/o Patient Relations
10030 107 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 3E4
* This is a mailing address only.

There is also an online form to complete.

When you contact us, have the following information available:

● name and address of the accommodation
● name of the municipality where the accommodation is located
● name of the organization operating the accommodation, if known
● name of the accommodation manager and their phone number, if known
● a summary of your concern or complaint and when it occurred
● name(s) and title(s) of people you have spoken to about your concern or complaint, for example, the manager, senior manager or board member, and their involvement in trying to resolve your concern or complaint
● When you contact us, the complaints officer will collect any additional details needed to follow up on the concern. We then determine next steps, which may include an investigation. We will follow up with a letter to inform the complainant of the outcome.

To appeal the decision of a complaints officer, complete a Complaint Decision Appeal form (PDF, 135 KB).

Complaint Process


● College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta – CPSA https://cpsa.ca/
● College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta – CARNA https://nurses.ab.ca/
● Alberta College of Pharmacists – Complaints https://abpharmacy.ca/
● Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professionals – AFRHP

This includes: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dentists, optometrists, and more.


Standards and Compliance for specific care facilities


Care Homes- General Information

Scroll down to search individual care homes in Alberta.
Use the link below for advanced search to see if facilities are compliant. (Copy & Paste link)


Once on the site, you may search for an accommodation using all or part of the following information:

● Accommodation name
● Operator name
● The city the accommodation is located in

By clicking on the Advanced Search link, you may also filter results based on Accommodation Type or by searching within a specified radius of your postal code.
Accommodation standards and licensing information was last updated in 2015. Information found here:


Continuing care standards were amended in 2018:


In addition, nursing homes operation regulations were amended in 2018:


● ASCHA – Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing Association – www.ascha.com
● ACCA – Alberta Continuing Care Association – www.ab-cca.ca
● Christian Health Association of Alberta – www.cha-ab.ca
Provincial Palliative Website

Responsibility for continuing care, falls under the Ministry of Health. 


Honourable Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health

Office of the Minister Health
423 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

Phone: 780 427-3665
E-mail: health.minister@gov.ab.ca

Responsibility for affordable housing, falls under the Ministry of Seniors and Housing.  This includes seniors self-contained housing. 


Honourable Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

Office of the Minister

Seniors and Housing
404 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

Phone: 780 415-9550
E-mail: seniors.minister@gov.ab.ca

Provincial Palliative and End of Life Care Framework


21 of the 36 initiatives have been implemented…Addendum in final stages of approval.

Provincial Palliative and End of Life Care Framework Public Document


Advanced Care Planning and Goals of Designation


EMS Palliative and End of Life Care Assess, Treat and Refer Program


Provincial Palliative and End of Life Care Newsletter



Since 1910, carya has supported individuals and families through counselling, education, community development and in-home assistance, school-based support and more.


College of Physicians and Surgeons

www.cpsa.ca      1-800-661-4689



College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

(CARNA)      www.nurses.ab.ca

1- 800-2529392   http://www.nurses.ab.ca/Carna/index.aspx?WebStructureID=1212


College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA)

College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta  


Complete the online Complaint Form

MAIL or FAX the completed Complaint Form to:

Attention: Complaints Director

Child Protective Services in Alberta

Use 310-0000 to get the local office number or the

Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-387-5437 to speak with a case worker.

Dementia Network

Cultivating a Calgary community that is a supportive, innovative environment where people impacted by dementia can live life well.


Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society

  • Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society, speak in defense of the frail, dependent elderly.
  • Lobby for senior rights, charter rights, constitutional rights and human rights.
  • Challenge the injustices which are perpetrated against seniors.
  • Raise the consciousness and conscience concerning the aged.
  • Those who have endured hardships, the Great Depression, fought two World Wars, faithfully paid their taxes and never asked for handouts.



Ruth Maria Adria vs. Attorney General of Alberta
Court File No.: # 1603 05013

On March 17, 2016, an ORIGINATING APPLICATION was filed at the Alberta Court and served upon the Office of the Attorney General of Alberta seeking an Order pursuant to s.52 (1) of the Constitution Act 1982

Family Caregiver Centre (Calgary Zone)

Supports people who provide care for others with health conditions and are not paid. Offers support for caregivers who are not paid including:

● connections to healthcare and community services
● a supportive person to talk to
● education programs
● a library of books, videos, and articles

Website:   https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/findhealth/Service.aspx?id=1604&serviceAtFacilityID=1075876#contentStart

Phone: 403-955-1674
Email: family.caregivercentre@albertahealthservices.ca
Mailing Address: 1070 McDougall Road NE
Calgary, Alberta   T2E 7Z2

Family Violence Info Line

● Get information, advice and referrals in over 170 languages.

Website: https://www.alberta.ca/family-violence-find-supports.aspx

Phone: 403-310-1818
Seniors Financial assistance:

General Inquiries about Continuing Care or other Gov’t program:

If you have a general inquiry about continuing care or another government program or service, submit your question or message by phone or online on the contact government
feedback page.

Connect with us for general inquiries about accommodation standards, the RFCA, or licensing:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-644-8428
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Fax: 780-644-8729
Email: asal@gov.ab.ca

Alberta Health
Attn: Compliance and Monitoring Branch
P.O. Box 1360, Station Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N3

Health Facilities Review Committee


Health Professions Act


Home Care site for Calgary


Home Care for Palliative in Okotoks


Kerby Center

The Kerby Centre partners with many organizations and companies to bring you a comprehensive directory of services. Our work and collaboration with many of these agencies provides a strong network of appropriate and beneficial services and programs to all individuals who utilize it.

Website: https://www.kerbycentre.com/information-resources/seniors-directory-of-services/

Phone: 403-265-0661
Email: info@kerbycentre.com
Address: 1133 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1B2


  • Kerby Cafe (403) 705-3225
  • Education & Recreation (403) 705-3233
  • Housing (403) 705-3230 or (403) 705-3231
  • Information (403) 705-3246
  • Kerby Shelter (403) 705-3250
  • Thrive (Grocery Delivery) (403) 234-6571
  • Diana James Wellness Clinic (403) 234-6566

Mental Health Advocate for Alberta


Outside Edmonton Toll-Free at 310.0000



Personal Directives


Protection for Persons in Care

A safe and secure environment, where people are free from abuse and neglect, is necessary for wellbeing and quality of life. Protection for Persons in Care promotes prevention and responds to reports of abuse of adult Albertans receiving care or support services from publicly funded service providers, such as: hospitals, seniors’ lodges, nursing homes, mental health facilities, shelters, group homes, addictions treatment centers, many settings funded by the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program, and other supportive living settings.


(Toll free: 1-888-357-9339 (in Alberta)

Phone: 780-422-1155 Fax: 780-415-8611
Email: health.ppc@gov.ab.ca

Protection for Persons in Care Act does not have jurisdiction in private senior care facilities who do not receive government funding.

Public Health Offices:

High River Public Health Centre
High River, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 4 p.m. · (403) 652-5450

Shaganappi Complex
(6) · Public health department
Calgary, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 6 p.m. · (403) 944-7373

Calgary Health Region
Calgary, AB · In Sunridge Mall
(403) 293-4659

Environmental Health Program
State government office
Calgary, AB · In Southland Park
(403) 943-2288

Strathmore Public Health Unit
Public health department
Strathmore, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 p.m. · (403) 361-7200

Acadia Community Health Centre Medical Clinic
Calgary, AB · In Calgary Co-op Head Office
Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 p.m. · (403) 944-7200

South Calgary Health Centre Medical Clinic
Calgary, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 10 p.m. · (403) 943-9300

Claresholm Community Health Centre
Public health department
Claresholm, AB
Open now · (403) 625-4061

Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre
11 Cimarron Common
Open ⋅ Closes 10 p.m. · (403) 995-2600

Alberta Health Services Medical Clinic
Calgary, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 9 p.m. · (403) 944-7373

Community Health Services
Medicine Hat, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 4 p.m. · (403) 502-8200

Public health department
Calgary, AB

Olds Campus Community Health Centre
Olds, AB · In Olds College
Open now · (403) 559-2150

Canmore Public Health
Public medical center
Canmore, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 p.m. · (403) 678-5656

O’Brien Institute for Public Health
Calgary, AB · In the University of Calgary Foothills
(403) 210-6153

East Calgary Health Centre Medical Clinic
Calgary, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 9 p.m. · (403) 955-1000

Northwest Community Health Centre
Calgary, AB · In Richlands Village
Open ⋅ Closes 9 p.m. · (403) 943-9700

WorkSafe Occupational Health
(12) · Drug testing service
Open 24 hours · (403) 540-7878

Village Lane Pharmacy & Travel Clinic
(14) · Pharmacy
1300 Village Ln #15
Open ⋅ Closes 6 p.m. · (403) 938-0110

Alberta Health Svc Millrise Medical Clinic
Calgary, AB
Open ⋅ Closes 3 p.m. · (403) 451-4230

Reporting abuse

To report abuse, or if you have concerns about the safety and security of a vulnerable adult.


24-hour, toll-free helplines

Family Violence Info Line
Phone: 310-1818

Get information, advice, and referrals in over 170 languages.

Calgary Elder Abuse Resource Line
Phone: 403-705-3250
Located in the Kerby Centre, make a report, or get information.

Edmonton Seniors Abuse Help Line
Phone: 780-454-8888
Get support, referrals, and crisis intervention.

Red Deer Helping Elder Abuse Reduction (H.E.A.R.) Resource Information Line
Phone: 403-346-6076 or 1-877-454-2580
Get support, referrals, and crisis intervention.

Strathcona County Elder Abuse Line
Phone: 780-464-7233
Get support, referrals, and information.

Transportation Resources

Calgary Access Handi-bus.


Okotoks transportation Subsidy


Comfort Keepers
Rate: $39.95 per hour to drive.
Two hour minimum

Companion Care – $40.00
Take – $39.95 per hour

Companion Fee – $34.95

Social Work Assistance

403-seniors – for social work and more complicated issues.

Seniors’ Financial assistance:



Website: https://www.alberta.ca/wills-in-alberta.aspx

Other Contact information:

Health Compliance Officer: You can find more information on Wheelchairs and address Concerns.

Health Compliance Officer

Government of Alberta

Compliance and Monitoring Branch

13th floor, ATB Place North Tower

10025 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB NW T5J 1S6

Phone: 780 6442964

Email: Jennifer.mabugatchan@gov.ab.ca