Simply Compassion Advocacy Society is a recently established as a non-profit organization that addresses issues facing seniors and those people who have been diagnosed as palliative in Southern Alberta.  

Simply Compassion Advocacy Society (SCAS) believes we as a society are in a crisis with senior care. SCAS recognizes there are countless numbers of seniors who feel isolated, lonely and disenfranchised and that affects their quality of life and their relationships with families and friends. 

SCAS’s mission is to share our expertise through education, to provide trained volunteer companions to seniors/those diagnosed as palliative, and to provide trained volunteer advocates to help seniors/those diagnosed as palliative and their families to navigate the health care system. We are confident this support will help many seniors feel valued and will ease their feelings of isolation and loneliness and will better equip their caregivers.

Often families are not sure what questions to ask when looking for a care facility for their loved one. As well, once they have made the move to a care home, they may have concerns about the care facility, and not know how to address these concerns.  SCAS offers resources and support to assist in these decisions.



To provide support, education, resources, and advocacy for seniors while enhancing quality of life.